Visual Identity

DEFI a non-profit organisation

DEFI is a non-profit organization which aims to address the social and environmental issues on poverty, plastic pollution and inequality through the design of public amenities.

The immediate goal of the NGO is to achieve all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG1-17) set by the United Nations.

Every 17 aims of the Sustainable Development Goals get a specific color with a meaning. The communication material is available online here if you want to see  more details. We based our framework for DEFI’s design based on this color palette.

DEFI = Delegates for the Earth Federation, Inc.

With the intention of staying on the same page with our customers, we always start by creating “mood boards”. By being connected to their personal wishes and defined targets we can begin to understand one another and develop wonderful concepts. The mood board above is the final selection for Defi. From there we are now able to continue the process by designing a logo proposal.

After some sketches, the logo is shaping up. All the colors are from the SDG guidelines.


The symbol of the hand create by the “d” is linked to the motto of the NGO:

“We are an organization built by ordinary humans all over the world, defying all stereotypes.”


The rounded typography gives softness and a childish touch. It also contributes to the playful and positive mentality expected from the collaborators working with DEFI.

For further info about colors, shape & font you can have a look at our blog post Sketch – Logo maker #1 and Sketch – Logo maker #2

The final touch = the guideline.


As a new organization for DEFI to maintain a strong and unique brand image all of its media. The visual aspect of her organization will define the first impression of the organization, so it is important that this reflects her identity efficiently. In order to achieve a strong, clear, and organized visual identity we have established a set of ground rules. That’s why we propose some guidelines to ensure good coherence and strong harmony.

For more info about branding, you can have a look at our page Your Branding

This graphic chart contains guidelines on:


– how to use the logo

different versions of the logo (light background, dark background, web version, print version etc…)

– which typography to use for which document

– which colors to use for different contexts