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Digital marketing: Reva Dream Travel

Reva dream Travel is a French Polynesian based travel Agency.

They needed us to animate their social networks in order to attract more traffic to their website through this channel and to get leads from it.

After sharing their target audience, their business plan and their branding elements, we agreed on an editorial line to optimize the engagement rate of their audience.

That’s when we can begin the creative process for the design team and create the publication schedule for our marketing team based on the network used.

For them, their main social network is Facebook, but they wanted to be involved in others such as LinkedIn and Instagram. LinkedIn to reach more B2B profiles, and Instagram to share the beauty of landscapes.

When all of the previous steps are achieved, we can now start publishing on all platforms and follow metrics we have determined in line with Reva Dreams’s goals: impression, engagement, and conversion.

Through this virtuous circle, we analyze the publications monthly to understand those that worked and those that did not work. We study why, integrate those precious feedbacks into our next posts and thus improve the range of our future communication.

Add to that a budget for the advertising, at What’zhat we advise you, at least, to budget $100 per month to reach the maximum scope of a publication. Moreover, after defining our budget, our marketing team will determine, based on your buyer Persona, what are their interests and habits to understand how to reach them with the ads.

In addition to photo and to boost their traffic, we have created short videos that fit perfectly into the feeds of social networks thanks to the auto-play feature, a conversion machine! Clearly the best way to communicate on social networks nowadays.

We created a sample, available in the playlists below: