Print Visual Identity

My school

Design MySchool font logo png 1900x400. Script Font. Handwritten logo design. Orange gradient

“My School” is an Australian primary school. They were looking for a complete design concept for their identity. As logo makers, we brainstormed their values and their vision of “My School”. We decided to focus our communication on children’s writing, we all remember the endless lines we used to do at school. So, following this idea and the 3D trend of design, we got a result that looks like a tube of paint effect for the “my”. Regarding the color, we chose orange because this tone is a symbol of intelligence, daring, precaution and confidence.

Design MySchool school packaging identity jpg 800X600

As a new institution, they needed a visual identity package. We have designed all the stationery necessary for their official communication, goodies, stickerspensnotebooksmugs …) and a series of templates for their reports in Word and PowerPoint.

Group of school kids posing with the Design MySchool t-shirts

“My School” is super active in the field of sports, which gave us the idea to also use the logo of “My School” for its sports team. This picture shows the basketball team with all the t-shirt options, white background or gradient. Following this idea, we also created other specific logos such as “My bag”, “My USB”, and more.