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Riverside Restaurant

Design Riverside restaurant logo colors jpg 600x400

New to the market, the Riverside Barbecue Restaurant is a nice place with fresh food. Their menu is mainly composed of seafood, therefore conveying the idea of freshness was extremely important for them. The light blue color is there to reflect this idea. The logo, composed of a simply drawn font and a pictogram circles by a line that makes the whole look like it’s inside a plate.  The final touch for the logo was the illustrations in the background which represents the restaurant’s products.

Design Riverside restaurant slate presentation jpg 600x400

A must-have for a restaurant is the street sign. With a design based on the color scheme and the framework of the branding, it’s one of the best ways to attract passers-by. Printed and framed, this essential piece for a restaurant can withstand any weather condition.

Design Riverside restaurant menu colors jpg 800x500

The menu has the same “handcrafted” style as the logo, with added hand drawings in the background. It contains four categories: Lobster, fish, crab, and shrimp. We designed the structure of the menu to be simple, understandable and elegant. By doing so the guests can get a feel for the quality of the dish and choose what they want to order easily. A short and simple makes the guests more confident about their choice and the origin of the food because all of the information is displayed distinctly and easy to compare with one another. The other reason for a short menu is that the chef wants to change it every three months, therefore making it more flexible and easy to adapt.

Riverside restaurant website responsive jpg 600x400

The Riverside Barbecue Restaurant website is simple and efficient. We realized the UI/Ux design plus the WordPress development and integration. This website is responsive, that means is working on a desk version and on a mobile device as well. The customer is able to have a look at the menu, to the interior of the restaurant, make a booking or order food for delivery.

A Shooting session is a smart way for a restaurant to create an image of their products and is highlighting your good food quality. Thus, you can highlight your best dishes. The photos and photo editing are done in a studio by a professional photographer.

Design Riverside restaurant Newsletters jpg 600x600

To keep in touch with their favorite customers, the Riverside Barbecue Restaurant wanted a newsletter, which is an interesting marketing article. This email allows the restaurant to share news, events, chef experiences, customer testimonials, the social post when the press talks about them, and more. This webmail can be read from a smartphone or computer. Through our consulting offer, we are able to provide him with emails each month with new updates based on his visual identity.