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Tea “Sơn Trà”

Son Tra design visual identity lotus pattern purple jpg 800x400
Son Tra visual identity ginger pattern orange jpg 800x400

“Sơn Trà” is an authentic tea from the Vietnamese mountains. They launched two kinds of tea, lotus, and ginger. We brainstormed on how to keep the traditional feel of a meticulously harvested tea. We chose to use a historical Vietnamese pattern for each flavor and connected the colors to the product used for each tea. This meant warm colors for pink ginger and cool colors for the blue lotus. Then we added a golden tone to express the elegance and refinement of the brand. In the logo, we drew by hand an authentic Vietnamese teapot followed by an Asian calligraphic style of font. All of these elements work together to enhance the feel of a product deeply rooted in the Vietnamese cultural heritage.

Design Son Tra packaging lotus pattern purple jpg 800x400

After the creation of the “Sơn Trà” logo, we created the design for the tea box as well as the tea bag with the same patterns. Easily recognizable design with a clear difference between the flavors. The packaging will add a touch of color to kitchen shelves and mugs. Because Son Tra will have different series of products in the future, the pattern concept of their visual identity will allow then to implement different variations of patterns while keeping their brand identity. A clever way to keep infinite design options.

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Our design agency can help you to create and animate your social networks. For “Sơn Trà”, we designed a starting picture pack for their Facebook which they can use for their social media.

Son Tra design social media facebook contents jpg 800x400

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