Develop your website with WordPress

Wordpress advantages

Are you launching a new enterprise and in need of a website, or simply unsatisfied with your aging website?

And ideally with great visibility: SEO Friendly URL, XML sitemap, Robots.txt, Responsive design, page load time, minified CSS, and java scripts can be a puzzle to manage. Developing your website with us through WordPress is perhaps THE ideal solution.


In just a few years, it has become the most popular development platform, used for around 35% of websites active in 2020.


The strengths of this solution are:

👉 a huge community and occasional updates,

👉 an available plugins library which covers most requirements,

👉 its ergonomics, which will allow us to make you independent on adding or modifying content.



Thanks to this technological advantage, we can offer you a website:

1 – Cheap

We distinguish three types of sites:


“Showcase”: a page with a dropdown menu; “Business”: pages including your company description, your expertise, and articles; “Ecommerce”: pages to manage your digital store.


Prices start below $1000.

2 – Trendy

Our expert Ux (user experience) and Ui (user interface) team will help you design a modern website that highlights your brand image and personal tastes, while fully adapting the interface to tablets and mobile phones.

3 – Well referenced

We are here to help you get noticed by your users and increase your visibility on search engines.


Our team of copywriters can create content with proven SEO strategies that will drive more traffic to your website.

4 – Performing

Thanks to our partner specialized in WordPress hosting, Amazon Web Services (AWS), we offer optimal performance and unique functionalities.


This is a much sought after criterion to improve your organic referencing (SEO). Test my website performance →

Our creative process


Creation of your dedicated server, implementation of the WordPress environment and choice of your theme in accordance with your branding.


Using our fully online Adobe XD software, we create and exchange on the content and design of your website.


Once the model is finished, the IT development sprint starts following the specifications of the model and some tailor-made adjustments.


Once completed, we assist you with the official launch of your website and its operational monitoring: statistics, functional and security updates.

Some of our projects

Aware24, the international assistance

With a local partnership agreement, aware24 has established itself in the field of international assistance. They take care, in partnership with insurance, to provide care and aid throughout the Asia region.


They needed a complete branding: a logo, a brand book, business cards, email signatures, a calendar and, of course, a website.


This “business” site is what all medium and large businesses need to ensure its notoriety, inform its customers and convey its brand image:


✔️ A detailed explanation of who they are and their added value

✔️ Presentation of their network and their methods

✔️ A News section to attract organic traffic

✔️ And a contact page visible continuously


Development time: 6 weeks

Live preview:

Le salon de JVP, window on Julie’s world

Julie is a blogger who loves to travel and share her experiences.



It had been a while since she had started a site that she was updating herself, until the day when performance and traffic no longer allowed her to guarantee an optimal experience for her users.



We were able to provide him with a modern and fluid website. Since she used to update her site, we offered her a tutorial so that she could upload her new articles herself and respond to comments from her followers.



Development time: 4 weeks

Le gourmet libanais, fine and fast rstaurant

Le Gourmet Libanais is a restaurant that was created in March 2019 in Avignon.


As a new restaurant, their communication needs were complete: Logo, menus, flyers, sign, a kakemono for the opening, and a website.


The web need focused on a “One Page” site which has the advantage of being clear, simple, and effective. In a scroll on your phone or computer, you have access to the menu, to the address or phone to order, and, of course, a note from the chef.


Good tasting.



Development time: 3 weeks

Live preview:

our skills

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Logo, Guidelines & Business card

Catalog, Brochure & Packaging

Business presentation & Signature mail

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User experience (Ux) and User Interface (Ui)

Mock-up Invision 100% responsive

WordPress Websites

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Photo & Video shooting

Video editing

Sales motion videos


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