Thé Cozy, Video creation and website

Cozy tea is Vietnam's largest tea producer. Its products are available in all Vietnamese supermarkets. In line with this strong sales momentum, they have invested in a new factory with brand new machinery, enabling them to package their products more quickly and innovatively, and add this service to their panels.

Seeking to expand into foreign markets as well, they wanted to create a promotional video showcasing their production capabilities. The shoot took place at several locations:

  • the field where the precious tea leaves are harvested, with aerial shots recorded by drone
  • At the factory, to showcase the tools, with sequences and close-ups of the machines and workers.
  • In the laboratory, where mixes and tests are carried out, always with close-ups and all in 4k.

Beforehand, we defined the story board with the client, shot all the identified scenes and then synthesised all of this for editing.

For the website, they were looking for something simple, effective, true to the brand and understandable by as many people as possible. Of course, the video was put forward for greater visibility.

Next, the site had to present all the product ranges available, because tea consumption is very varied around the world. So we have 'Orthodox' tea, 'Oolong' tea and the famous black and green teas. Don't hesitate to visit their website and why not treat yourself.

Client: Future Generation Co. Ltd.
Date: October 2020