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The world is changing and communication needs to evolve with it. The What’zhat agency was created in 2018, at the dawn of a new digital era in the world of healthcare.

A Healthcare Communications Agency is a digital agency committed to providing brands with modern, collaborative and effective communications. We believe that digital can enable richer interactions between advertisers, healthcare professionals and patients, propelling and impacting business forward.

We founded our agency on the conviction that brands should adapt to patients, not the other way round. By providing our clients with our expertise and know-how, we help them to better understand patients and establish a relationship of trust with them. Our creative approaches to problem-solving and campaign development ensure that our messaging is both impactful and unique.

We’re here to help you communicate better with your patients. Contact us to find out more!

Medical communications

Today's patients are increasingly demanding and seek information on the internet even before consulting a health professional.

For brands, it is therefore crucial to adapt to these new consumers by engaging with them in a relationship of trust that can change lives through effective communication.

What’zhat specialises in this new form of communication, supporting brands in their digital transformation. Leveraging science, we drive healthcare behavior change and foster medical innovation.

We use our expertise and know-how to help our customers better understand their patients and build strong relationships with them.

Our services


The Agency offers its branding services to companies wishing to stand out in the healthcare market. Thanks to our expertise, we can help you create a strong and coherent brand image, in line with your values and positioning. Patients are looking for authenticity and sincerity, so don't let them down!

Next, take care with your brand's visual identity. It should be clear, concise and easily identifiable.

Finally, communicate regularly with your patients and listen to what they have to say. This will give you a better understanding of their needs and enable you to offer services that are tailored to them. Your organisation will gain in credibility and legitimacy.


What'zhat offers health communication services on a range of media tailored to the needs of its customers.

We offer flyers, posters, kakemonos and leaflets to help you communicate effectively with your patients. Our materials are designed to be easy to print and affordable.

We also offer goodies, such as key rings, pens and magnets, to help you promote your brand to patients. These items can be customised with your logo and colours. Contact us to find out more!

All our media are designed to communicate effectively with your patients.


The Agency is committed to providing its customers with effective web solutions tailored to their needs.

We offer a full range of services, from the creation and development of medical websites to optimisation, including natural search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search engine optimisation (SEA).

We offer turnkey solutions, tailored to your budget and your needs, to help you develop your online presence and improve your visibility on the web.

Social Media Manager

What'zhat also offers health communication services on social networks. We specialise in community management and social marketing campaigns.

We create and manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles for your medical products and services. We adapt them to your graphic charter and your specific needs.

Thanks to our expertise, we can help you build a strong, consistent brand image on social networks. Patients are looking for authenticity and sincerity, so don't let them down!

Our case studies

What'zhat's case studies are an excellent source of inspiration for all healthcare professionals.

The Agency has developed unrivalled expertise in medical communications and offers solutions tailored to each customer. We focus on meeting the unique demands of our clients and consistently deliver value in alignment with their needs. Whether you’re a small organisation with a few products or a large company, we have the tools and know-how to help you improve your online visibility and communicate better with your patients.

Take a look at our case studies and contact us to find out more!

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They trust us

More and more brands are putting their trust in What'zhat to communicate their medical products and services. They have chosen our services for the quality, efficiency and originality of our web and print solutions. Our team is committed to providing each customer with high-quality work and exceptional results.

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