Brand your business

Good branding is a vector of opportunities

Branding is the visual identity of your business.


It conveys the culture and values ​​of your business through your logo, your colors, the design of your posts and the name of your company. It is a coherent set that will allow you to be recognized (notoriety) and will ensure your seriousness (credibility) in your market. In short, it reflects the quality of your services.

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At What’zhat we know that powerful branding brings the perception of quality to your product or service. Which we convey through the graphic design interpretation of your corporate vision.


We believe that a brand identity specific to each company and professional helps to succeed and this, for 3 main reasons:


– Your branding allows your company to stand out from the market


– Your branding saves you time and money


– Your branding reinforces the loyalty of your customers

Your branding allows your company to stand out from the market

Whether you are in a saturated market or a niche market, we believe that the key to success is to stand out.

Each one tries to make its place with its own values ​​and its culture by communicating in a different way, it is the positioning on the market (your posture).

The more your branding is worked the more your message will be precise and clear.

By staying connected to your marketing, the easier it will be to evolve your branding in the right way. Your branding will remain relevant through time because you will be able to take advantage of trends.

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Your branding saves you time and money

There are two main reasons why a successful visual identity will save you time and money:


1- A homogeneous identity

“Professional” branding will allow you to create a solid foundation for seamless communication across all platforms and media.

Your audience will recognize your brand regardless of the communication channel they use (notoriety). This database will allow you to optimize the engagement rate of your advertising campaigns and your behavioral marketing in general.


2 – A thoughtful branding

In addition, thoughtful branding will benefit you long term. Indeed, if it is well done, it will encompass all the nuances of your services and your sector associated with the communication trends of the moment. A fully developed concept properly introduced to the right target paves the ground for an increased number of sales.

Your branding reinforces the loyalty of your customers

Branding creates an emotional and trusting bond with consumers. They like to identify with a brand that shares and / or agrees with their values.


Brand loyalty can last a lifetime!


In addition, variations of your identity will allow you to target specific audiences. Feel free to use them for your marketing campaigns.

Boat sailing in a sea of hearts. Social media impact of a seamless branding Better recognizance

Statistics of a good brand

10 seconds

Consumers get a first impression of your business in 10 seconds (Source: Action Card)

78% trust

Percentage of consumers considering a company to be more trustworthy with a worked visual identity. (Source: Crowdspring)

result +23%

increase in turnover following a consistent variation of branding on all platforms (source : Forbes)

+80% recognition

This is the percentage increase in recognition of your brand when using a “signature color”. (Source: Ragan)

Branding, Creator of Financial Value

Brand identity is what you show the consumers about you through visible elements of the brand: Your colors, your logo, your name, your design.


The brand image is the perception that consumers have of your company, whether it is correct or not, good or bad. This is developed through advertising and communication campaigns. The brand image is then confirmed or disconfirmed by the customer’s own experience.
Branding is a combination of both, the brand image and brand identity.

Different branded elements with the same branding. Homogeneity is the key to be recognized

Having control over your brand identity will allow you to have a good grasp of your brand image. This in and of itself will gain value if properly done. This intangible value represents your brand equity appearing in the financial assets of your balance sheet.



We therefore evaluate the branding from an accounting point of view. Founded, initially, on the costs invested in the development of the brand and from a financial point of view by evaluating the financial value of the brand (profits generated by the brand and potential cash-flow that the brand will generate)



For example, if Pepsi wanted to sell its company, the total price will be based on the total of their goods and assets plus the price of their brand equity.


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