Baulders, the application for harmonising large construction sites

Baulders, in its development phase, called on our services to harmonise their brand image and prepare the pitch deck to raise finance.

When several people are involved in your communications, the essential tool for harmonising your brand is the brand book. It gives all your collaborators access to a common base that brings together all the elements of your brand: colours, typography, your logo and how to use it, your panel of icons, your style, etc. It adapts to your sector; obviously a digital company or one that communicates a lot will have a much more complete charter than a craftsman.

Client: BaulderS
Date: February 2022

Secondly, as far as the pitch deck is concerned, it's always a good idea to go through a third-party company. Firstly, for the job of popularisation, because it's a difficult exercise to summarise a complex and innovative concept in 10 slides. But above all, to be able to fit as much information as possible into this finite number of slides using graphic techniques: icons, illustrations, diagrams, etc.

The result is clear, as is the difference between the sums raised with and without design assistance.