CBD industry

Client: The spirit of Jeanne & La Belle Green
Link: lespritdejeanne.fr
Date: July 2022

Development of an e-commerce site

We have been able to work in the CBD industry since the legislation on these products changed. We were able to assist the l'Esprit de Jeanne brand in the creation of their e-commerce site. A grower from Gironde, Vincent has created a wide range of products with his hemp production: flowers, herbal teas, oils and even wine in partnership with a château. As the market is constantly evolving and he was keen to take over his website, we were also able to train him to update his site, create new products, change the photos, update the texts and even create new pages. Have a look its website ! 🙂

La Belle Green, packaging design

On another project and for another team, we were asked to create packaging for CBD flower. The packaging was chosen in cardboard with a plastic film in the middle so that the product could be seen inside. Connoisseurs will look at the colour of the flower, the trichomes and the pollen, which will depend on the variety of plant and how it was grown. We also had the chance to help them create a logo and illustrations in line with the world they wanted to create for their brand. We were able to use these illustrations to create patterns, a common technique in packaging design.