Julie's Spirulina

Client: Julie's Spirulina
Link: laspirulinedejulie.com
Date: February 2023

Producer of spirulina and phycocyanin

Julie's Spirulina is a brand that produces spirulina, as its name suggests, as well as its derivative phycocyanin. Spirulina is a microalgae with different properties, often used as a food supplement.

Truck sticker design

As they are present at all the food supplement and vegetarian product trade fairs, as well as numerous sporting events, to follow their ambassadors in their performances, they wanted to create a visual on their truck that reflected their image: artistic, plant-based and natural.

Dedicated design agency

As a company that needs to communicate on a regular basis but doesn't have the time. They call on agencies for their visuals.
Packaging, social networks, flyers and logos - we have a wide range of deliverables to meet most marketing needs.
Below is an example of models Canva for social networks. The idea is to create visuals at the ideal size for the social networks, in this case for Instagram and Facebook, which follow the defined graphic charter. All the marketing manager has to do is click and drag the images, add the text and the post is ready!

Community management

Following these job designs, they needed help to manage their communities. The most complicated part of community management is determining the strategy, the editorial line and the media plan - basically, getting started. We worked with them for half a year to create this emulation and then to hand over to one of their employees, as they wanted to take this part in-house. From time to time, we continue to create visuals for campaigns or viral videos.

Label and leaflet design

To promote their products and inform the public about what spirulina contains, we have created a range of media. Below are various deliverables, including leaflets, which they display on their stands at events or give to their partners or ambassadors. We also created labels for bottles and other types of packaging.

Julie's black diamond

We also had the chance to work on one of their ancillary products, Julie's Black Diamond, which is vegetable charcoal. We created the logo based on Julie's Spirulina, which we were going to apply to the various media. Below are the visuals of the labels and the logo proposals.

Julie's Phycocyanine, packaging design

Phycocyanin is the blue pigment extracted from spirulina, and they have developed several ranges including a blend with agave syrup and a touch of alcohol for preservation. To support them in the marketing of these new products, we created packaging in line with the branding of the La Spiruline de Julie brand. Below are the concepts developed for this new range of bluish products.