Craftsmen and sole traders

Vehicle covering

Our design agency Whatz'hat is your partner to create professional or more creative designs if needed depending on your activity. Below, we helped a plumber / electrician cover his Nissan NV400 van.
By following his branding, we were able to offer him 3 different approaches: a classic and colourful one, a more creative mythological one and a more modern/futuristic one.


Once the concept has been selected, we rework it, incorporating your final comments. Then we prepare the file for the machines that will print your design. We have quality partners for successful installation. We would also be delighted to work with one of your suppliers.
We follow the project through to completion. Small adjustments are often necessary to adapt the file to the printer, as the machines are never the same from one supplier to another. Below are photos of the finished model and the truck after installation.

Flyer design

A flyer is an effective way of making yourself known when you are starting up a business in a specific sector.
Every self-respecting craftsman has one in his marketing kit so that he can leave it in letterboxes when he finishes work in a new district or residential area. In these cases, the first impression is crucial and the few seconds the homeowner has your leaflet in their hands will be decisive. That's why it's so important to leave no detail to chance, and to ensure that the information about your services is clear and concise. Successful flyers have recall rates of up to 5%. In other words, your efforts will be amply rewarded.
You will see below the logo and flyer produced for a landscaper.

Design T-shirt

As they often work outdoors, our artisan friends have an interesting opportunity to promote their company and their brand image with merchandising products. What we wear is part of this, and anything from polo shirts to jackets and T-shirts works very well.
This is how we frequently come to design this type of product. Here are a few examples.