Thai beer, packaging design

Pattern search

For the creation of a brand of Thai beer, brewed in Vietnam, a distributor contacted us with the aim of creating eye-catching, masculine and chic packaging.
He also wanted to incorporate the Thai flag, but according to current regulations, it cannot be reproduced. That's why we decided to create a pattern, or motif, incorporating the elements of the flag in a subtle way.

Concepts and demos

To enable our customers to make constructive decisions, we propose several stages in our design process. One of these is the concepts that enable us to choose certain colours and create a motif.
And then there are the demos, where the chosen concepts and designs are reworked and put into practice in a variety of real-life situations.

Finalising and going live

The packaging industry includes a lot of codes, particularly on the layout of the elements, the symbols used and the materials. Added to this is the fact that the alcoholic beverages industry is very demanding, and each country has its own rules. It's important to be accompanied through these stages to ensure that your goods don't get held up at customs.