Feti'a assistance

Client: Feti'a Assistance
Link: fetia-assistance.com
Date: July 2020

Creation of the website

Feti'a is a South-East Asian assistance company. It is called on by insurance companies to provide this service to travellers and expatriates in the most remote regions. In order to gain visibility, credibility and explain their services in detail. Take a look at their websites to find out more.
Before doing so, we reworked their branding using the What'zhat creative process: studying the competition, brainstorming your vision, moodboarding and finally the first concepts. Below are the moodboards for the project.

Creating goodies: Calendar

In a marketing effort, Feti'a has decided to create a calendar. The calendar is an ideal tool for keeping in the minds of your customers and partners. Each month you turn the pages, note down your appointments and events, all with photos, images or illustrations featuring your branding. Expect to be remembered in the coming year.