Aware 24, Branding & Website creation

Client: Aware 24
Date: November 2019

Creating the brand image

Aware 24 is a South East Asian insurance and medical assistance group. They created a conglomerate in 2019 and needed to create the brand and their digital image. In terms of deliverables, we started by creating the brand image, logo, business cards, email signatures, a template for official documents and a website.

Creation of the website

Once the branding had been validated, we were able to create the mock-up of the website: the texts, images and ergonomics. Follow this link to visit it:

During the development of the Aware 24 project, they also developed an application that was integrated into the website with a landing page and a button for direct access. Go to the website

To complete the creation of the website and the development of the brand, we created several elements that will form an integral part of the graphic charter and identity of Aware 24. Icons, business cards, email signatures and contract templates.

Creation of brand branding elements