Le Gourmet Libanais, Lebanese caterer

Client: Lebanese Gourmet
Link: legourmetlibanais.com
Date: July 2018

Restaurant in creation

Le Gourmet Libanais is a Lebanese caterer that was set up during 2018. As the creation of a new business, they needed full support for a restaurant: Logo, Branding, menu, flyer, business cards, pavement stop and website. On structures like these, we have a wider creative margin and so are generally more visual. We also created some vitrophanie that they were able to put on the restaurant's windows. Don't hesitate to go and see them if you're in the area. passing by.

Company menus

A caterer often needs to make adjustments and create specific menus for different types of customer. This is why we have different media to talk to larger and larger groups and adapt them to their needs.

Special menus

Below is the menu for private customers. This one is more colourful, more fun and will be easier to read for the average person.