RENOVACLOUD, cloud computing solutions

Client: Renovacloud
Date: November 2021

Dedicated design partner

RENOVACLOUD provides IT services in the Cloud, DevOps and automation. They have also integrated a training service so that they can then recruit the talent they unveil internally.
In order to cover their communications and all their marketing issues, they need a dedicated agency to be able to send their briefs in a continuous flow and receive the visuals within a week, just like a dedicated in-house department. A dedicated department with all the skills of a web design agency and guaranteed creativity over time.

Design of digital visuals

As an IT company, RENOVACLOUD needs a lot of visuals to incorporate into their websites, badges to give away to training participants as part of a gamification approach and corporate or commercial presentation design.

Creation of goodies: t-shirt, mouse pad and soubock...

To cover their events, conferences and training courses, RENOVACLOUD occasionally needs new goodies as part of their marketing approach. The items are diverse and varied and there are always innovative products in this field.
Here are a few examples of what we've been able to develop for them

Desktop design and stickers

To make them feel at home and apply their branding to their premises, we designed the room signage stickers and illustrations for the meeting rooms. An illustration of the rhinoceros was also created and painted by an artist. Guaranteed to make an impact during customer visits.