Metiseko, fashion designer

Metiseko is a designer of high-end ethical clothing based in Vietnam with an international reputation. They were looking for an agency that could help them with their business communications, editing and printing key company documents: Company Profile and Business Plan. They also wanted to apply for business awards, in particular those offered by the CCI.

Our strength on this kind of project is that we can sum up all the key information in standardised documents and, above all, manage to fit the maximum amount of information into the minimum amount of space thanks to a wide range of design techniques: computer graphics, illustrations, page layouts, icons and adapted typography. With the help of this graphic arsenal, we can make your pompous documents pretty and pleasant to read.

Finally, we'll help you print your documents, so you don't have to worry about printer jargon such as RGB or CMYK, or the size of bleeds. Ideal for your end-of-year reports, financial statements, brochures or business plans.
You can thank us later.

Client: Metiseko
Date: February 2021