TrustSearch, Ux & Ui design for a search engine based on trust

TrustSearch is a search platform based on trust. Using an algorithm based on the node theory - the famous "we're all within 6 nodes of Barack Obama" - your network and your affinities, you can find professionals who are a good match for you.

Once they had theories, they needed to design their platforms before developing them. After a branding phase to fix the colours and style, we were able to start the Ux (User experience) and Ui (User Interface) processes. The first three stages are Ux, the user flow, which is a diagram that groups together all the functional requirements of a defined user, followed by the Sitemap, which is a page-by-page inventory of your site, and finally wireframing, which is the 'wireframe' design (without any graphic/visual elements) of your pages. Once the wireframing stage has been completed, the Ui part can begin. This is when we apply all your graphic elements to the previous mock-ups and integrate the images, animations and illustrations.

Client: TrustSearch
Date: December 2019