Ubisoft Nano & Rayman

Logo and home screen design

As part of the redesign of their flagship game, Rayman, Ubisoft asked us to do some research on the game's new logo and home screen.
Rayman was THE game that launched the studio, so they wanted to do everything they could to make this new edition a success, hence the long research and meticulous progress.

Ux/Ui design of the Nano gaming platform

On a more marketing and image-related subject, Ubisoft wanted to create a platform of online mini-games based on the studio's best series. The aim is to familiarise an audience with the world of Ubisoft games for future retargeting and acquisition.

We helped them create the sitemap, screen wireframing and screen dynamics (scrolling, display, highlighting, etc.).

Video launch of the platform and animation

After imagining and creating the mock-up of the application, we worked with them to create the promotional video for the platform's launch, as well as some dynamic elements for the transitions and interactions in the Web Application.