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SPOTIFY, music 2.0


Since the official launch of Spotify on 7 October 2008, the music industry has undergone a radical transformation. We could go back over the history of illegal downloadingThe Spotify model is the result of a number of factors, including the growing popularity of Spotify, streaming and complaints about the unfair use of the Spotify model by major labels and artists.

But it might be more interesting to learn more about the best ways to use this platform. If you'd like to find out more the story and its operationvisit the site :


Are you organising an event? A good way to create a playlist that will delight everyone is to create a collaborative one. Then all your friends can add their favourite songs!

Right-click on the name of your playlist to select the "Playlist" option.collaborative". Then share the link with your friends and colleagues and prepare for the best - or should I say the worst?


Every Monday and Friday, Spotify generates a list of based on your artists and favourite songs and help you discover new jewellery ! The list of 30 songs doesn't always correspond to what you expect or like, but you'll find at least 3 à 5 favourite tracks. Another feature is the ability to follow your friends. If they have an account, you'll be able to see what they're listening to at the moment and listen to their playlist at the same time. You'll find this feature at the top right of your screen.

Council If you don't want to wait every week or use your radar, click on the information button of one of your personalised playlists, then click on "Create a similar playlist". This will create a new playlist with the same number of songs and the same style.


Another Spotify feature is podcasts. This option offers a good alternative to music. For me, it works really well when travelling. It's also a good option for learning more about a particular subject while working. Find inspiration or gain skills for free without any effort, all the classic subjects are covered, whether they be sports, arts, music or politics.

Do you have something to share/teach yourself? Why not start by creating your own podcast? Download the Anchor app and create and download your own podcasts for free.

New to Spotify? Transfer your playlists from other applications and listen to them everywhere!

Don't panic, you can transfer your existing playlists from other music platforms to Spotify. The website Soundiiz is a great way to do this, and it supports all the services you'd expect. Another great feature is the ability to listen to music while you're on the move. offline. Simply download your playlist onto your device when you're connected to WIFI and you'll always have access to your favourite songs.

"Spotify recently said it expects 20% of content streamed on the platform to be something other than music in the near future."

Jam on Spotify: revolutionise your evenings out with friends!

Since the launch of Spotify in 2008, the music industry has changed dramatically. Today, we introduce a feature that promises to transform your evenings: Jam.

What is Jam?

Jam is a collaborative Spotify feature that allows your friends to join and add tracks to a shared playlist, whether you're together or remotely. Imagine a night out with friends where everyone can contribute to the playlist in real time 🎉.

Setting the scene :

You're organising a party at your house. Everyone arrives and, instead of fighting over the choice of music, you launch a Jam. Everyone adds their favourite songs to the playlist via an invitation link or a QR code. The result? A musical atmosphere that pleases everyone and a memorable evening where everyone feels involved 🎶.

The benefits of Jam :

  • Real-time interaction Your friends can add tracks instantly.
  • Shared control The host can allow participants to control volume and playback.
  • Inclusiveness Even friends without a Premium subscription can join and add tracks.

So, ready to give Jam a try at your next party? Transform the way you listen to and share music with Spotify Jam. Make every moment together a unique and collaborative musical experience 🎧✨.


Here at Whatz'hat, we've created a playlist called "Saigon Vibes which is updated from time to time by one of us. Given that we have different nationalities, ages and, of course, musical tastes, the playlist will cover a wide range of genres.

It was my turn to kick things off, so I've chosen 20 tracks that I listened to a lot during my time in Saigon. You can expect instrumental and experimental hip hop or more danceable French and techno tracks. They remind me of the chaos of scooter traffic or one of the many secret cafés with their little garden hidden in the back yard.

Feel free to share your favourite playlist in the comments 🪕🥁🎷

Beau Visser

WOLKSWAGEN logo history

The tumultuous history of the WOLKSWAGEN logo


I want you to take a moment and think about why Volkswagen would like to change its logo. Is that OK? For those of you who are speculating that it might have something to do with Volkswagen's cheated You are absolutely right. This new logo is linked to the scandal that has tarnished the reputation of the car manufacturer.

In any case, here's the new Volkswagen logo:

Things took a bad This is a turning point for Volkswagen since the "diesel gate". An event that destroyed our confidence in the brand. That's why reconnect Volkswagen's number one priority is to build new links with us, hence the change of logo. Speaking of which, here's the whole thing first Volkswagen logo, and a nod to the point of Godwin.

Is there a little something familiar with this symbol? In 1937, this logo represented the Volkswagen brand when it was created in Nazi Germany. An association that Volkswagen very quickly broke away from once it became its own brand after the war. By the way, here is their logo in 1960:

The resemblance with the new 2019 logo is striking! Coincidence? We don't think so. Apparently this is the logo model that is systematically chosen when Volkswagen is on the road to transition (redemption?). If you remember correctly, it was in the 1960s that Volkswagen has gone from being Hitler's car to the car of the hippies and the peace and love movement, hence the need for a new logo.

In short! Volkswagen has once again draw a line on its past. And to prove it, they showed us their new logo at the same time as the ID.3, their new model. electric and environmentally friendly. A sure-fire way to mark the change. But what Volkswagen really did was to turn this mea culpa into a unique communication opportunity.

The most contemporary companies of our century are, without a shadow of a doubt, the technology companies. They have a brand image that is human, modern and attractive. Let's take a look at what they do with their logos these days:

Illustration of a user-centred Ux design with graphic elements and data.

Let's compare the old Volkswagen logo with the new one.

Illustration of a user-centred Ux design with graphic elements and data.

The typography and the shape of the new Volkswagen logo shares many similarities with Silicon Valley companies. This demonstrates Volkswagen's desire to be more in tune with its era: the digital era. What better way to do this than with a simple logo? two-dimensionalapproachable, but which inspires a certain legitimacy, while being easily transferable from one platform to another. This logo can easily be interchangeable with different schematics and can be illuminated at your Volkswagen dealer just like on your car. Just like an Apple product.


With this new identity come other new attributesa electro-futuristic jingle and a female voice to go with it. This might seem insignificant, but in truth it's quite bold for an industry that is historically male-dominated, even associated with misogyny. Once again, a sign that Volkswagen wants to evolve and living with the times. And, whether or not we agree with these changes, the communication around these elements marks with success Volkswagen's determination to turn the page. It's a risky gamble, but one that has the merit of update the brand and the automotive industry in general.

Finally, here's a quote from Volkswagen's Marketing Director on these developments: "We have created a new holistic global brand experience across all channels and touchpoints. In principle, the aim in future will not be to show a perfect advertising world. In our presentation, we want to become more human and alive, adopt more of the customer's perspective and tell authentic stories."

What do you think of this story and their branding?

Tell us all about it in the comments.

Remedy for loneliness

Don't quarantine your brain!


"It's too quiet, ...I don't like that very much, ... I prefer it when it's a bit less quiet" Edifis, Mission Cleopatra.

18 years after the film's release, it's not an attack by Roman legionnaires that we're dreading, but that of a virus named after a Mexican beer. We circle in a few square metres like caged wild beasts and only venture out into the deserted streets armed with written authorisation. In short, we've seen more festive times.

But confinement also allows you to take time for yourself and refocus on your priorities. If you've been thinking about setting up your own business for some time, now's the time to get to work on it. Contrary to popular belief, isolation is not just for hermits and creative types. Whether they are entrepreneurs, researchers or artists, many people draw their inspiration from the outside world and then isolate themselves to build the foundations of their projects. Albert Einstein, for example, discovered the theory of relativity while living confined to Germany during the First World War.

"An hour seems like a minute when you're next to a beautiful woman, and a minute seems like an hour when you're on a hot stove. Albert Einstein.

This colourful and humorous explanation of relativity by its author invites us to...... put things into perspective and think about how we use the extra free time we now have. Here are four simple steps to help you prepare to launch your first business in the next few weeks.


First of all, sit down in a quiet, comfortable place. Write down all the business ideas you can think of, no matter how crazy. Once you've filled your idea sheet(s) to the point of a sore wrist, examine each one:

👉 Does this idea meet an existing need? In other words: do you think someone would be prepared to pay for this good or service?

👉 Does this idea arouse your enthusiasm and curiosity?

"You have to be passionate about an idea or a problem you want to solve. If you're not passionate enough from the start, you won't last. [The only way to do a good job is to love what you do. Steve Job

Select the idea that seems most useful and exciting to you, then sum up your business project in one simple sentence.

"If you can't explain a concept to a six-year-old, you don't fully understand it" - Albert Einstein.


A good way of assessing the relevance of your idea is to look on the internet to see if this type of business already exists. If it does, that's a good sign: there are probably potential customers. Gather as much information as you can about these businesses. How do they go about marketing this type of product or service? How do they communicate? Are they growing? Think about a strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition. On the other hand, if you can't find any traces of your idea on the web, ask yourself whether you've done enough research, whether your idea meets a real need or whether you've really found the idea of the century.


Now's the time to pick up the phone and put your idea to the test. Select a few people who are likely to give you constructive criticism and give them a call. Even if this stage may seem frightening, it's very important because we often lack perspective on our own ideas. Your contacts will be able to give you a different perspective on your project and help you to assess its feasibility.


Based on your reflections and the information you have gathered, define a name and a temporary image for your future company. Create a page on the social networks and invite your acquaintances and existing contacts. Present the concept of your business to them clearly and share your progress regularly. Use the opinions and recommendations of your online communities to gradually improve your product or service. Make the most of it: in times of confinement, the French spend more time on social networks!

Has reading this article inspired you to take the plunge? Have you already closed your bedroom door and cancelled your Netflix subscription? Good for you! But the hardest part is still to come: persevering without spreading yourself too thin. Here's some advice from a successful and humorous investor:

"No matter how talented you are, some things take time: you can't get nine women pregnant and have a baby in a month" Warren Buffet


Here are two inspiring videos on the entrepreneurial adventure:

Steve JobsStandford speech
CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, on June 12, 2005

Simon Sinekthe golden circle
TED talk

And what recommendations would you make to aspiring entrepreneurs who are hesitating to take the plunge?
Send us your comments just below.

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