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FLAMINGOSIS, a hymn to eternal summer

Listen to this and let yourself be carried away by the reading

Art can have negative connotations and can exacerbate your dark thoughts. But this is not the case with the artist featured here, who is the opposite of pessimistic.

Close your eyes and breathe in the gentle Miami air. Let the sun warm your skin. You lie on a sun lounger while a model with bulging muscles blows air at you with a gigantic palm leaf. Somewhere, far away from your vast garden with its perfectly cut lawn and large bushes carved in the shape of African animals, the waves lap gently against your yacht. You take another bite of...sandwich and dive headfirst into the pool of imported Italian mineral water. The water is good. Good, indeed. You surface to catch your breath. Juan Carlos is standing by the pool, waiting for you with a fruit cocktail. You climb the ladder and give him a gentle squeeze on his bottom. He smiles and winks at you, the rascal. You take a sip. The nectar sends shivers down your spine. Sex, diamonds, exotic cats and unpronounceable car names. The warm limestone tickles your feet. You stroll through the house before sprawling out on your Herman Miller sofa, your gaze lingering on the naked figure of the Picasso in your living room. She returns your gaze with envy! You're about to take a little nap when suddenly your boss taps you on the shoulder and asks how you're getting on with the quarterly report. You wake up in your cubicle in front of an Excel spreadsheet...

Tribute to @moosalini the poet

When you listen to Flamingosis you feel a wave of positivity and optimism. As if the future will be better and the summer sun will never stop shining. The world of Flamingosis is like a parallel universe where the cultural codes of the 60s and 70s have survived to the present day.

This unique artist uses remixing and sampling to create a bridge across time, bringing older songs up to date and bringing out their groove. And it works, as the tracks on his albums follow one another, with different styles ranging from disco to hip-hop and jazz, but always in a graceful ensemble that is the artist's signature.

The man behind the name Flamingosis, an American called Aaron Velasquez calls himself "a sensitive man with a groovy plan". The musician began his career in 2014 and has released a new album every summer since.

The name 'Flamingosis', which sounds a lot like the English name for Pink Flamingo, is actually the name of a Frisbee move invented by his father, a former champion of the sport. A tribute to his father, to whom he owes many of his musical influences.

Whether you're already a connoisseur of this kind of music or you need a gateway to get started in the instrumental music style, don't hesitate to visit Flamingosis on Bandcamp or on his Youtube channel. His level of creativity is off the charts, and quite frankly, a benchmark for those who love good music.

So, did you enjoy the trip?

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