ERAI Asia website

Client: Erai Asia
Date: June 2021

ERAI Asia is your business/legal partner in Asia. It takes care of developing your business in Asia through market research and partner searches. Set-up, with shared office space, recruitment and accounting services. Investment, thanks to their experience in development strategy and mergers and acquisitions.
They are also official distributors of animation software such as Maxon, Unity & Foundry through their ERAI Pixel entity.

In terms of their requirements, they wanted to create a new website. We started by defining the requirement, creating an online mock-up on a dedicated server and developing the site. Thanks to our professional image bank partner Shutterstockwe were able to find the missing visuals for the site.
Multilingual, fast, efficient, responsive and professional are the essential elements that the client wanted for its site. With over 20 years' experience and an unrivalled network, ERAI has become a heavyweight in setting up companies in Asia.