GOMATA, creation of the brand identity

Client: Gomata
Date: February 2022

Gomata, venture capital investment company

GOMATA is a German investment company. It advises pension funds on their investments.

They specialise in the primary sector, hence the cow in their logo. They needed their images, logo, graphic charter and business cards created.

Branding & Business Cards

Above is a brief outline of the creative process involved in successful branding. Step by step, we start with a brainstorm on what you want and what you don't want for your brand and the keywords that define it, then we take stock of your market to understand how users are used to interacting with its players.

This will enable us to create moodboards, or concept boards of your future image and modern logo styles, which we will use as inspiration but which will above all enable us to understand what you like as we talk to you and come up with a result that suits you.

Graphic charter

Finally, we'll be able to create the business cards and the graphic charter based on the previous research. This brings together all the brand's graphic codes, how and in what contexts to use the logo and the typography. The colours in "light" or "dark" mode.

You will find examples of the graphic charter, or guideline, below.