Sơn Trà, Vietnamese tea brand

History of the brand

"Sơn Trà is an authentic Vietnamese mountain tea. Its founders are launching two types of tea: lotus and ginger. We thought about how to retain the meticulous, traditional aspects of tea harvesting. We chose to use a historical Vietnamese motif for each flavour. We've connected the colours of the packaging to the flavour of each tea. This means warm colours for pink ginger and cool colours for blue lotus. Then we added a golden tone to express the elegance and refinement of 'Sơn Trà' tea. In the logo, we drew a typical Vietnamese teapot, through a drawing handmade, we bring out the human side. The font we've chosen reinforces the Asian spirit. All these elements are there to express the traditional codes of Vietnamese tea.

Designs and packaging

Following the completion of the logo "We created the packaging and the tea bag with the same motif. Easily identifiable, these boxes will add a touch of colour to your shelf and your cup! This design concept is very useful if you want to have a series of products. You can add new ones for each collection or create, for example, a limited series for the New Year. You can create many variations with the shapes and colours of the motif. The options are endless!

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Social networks

Our Whatz'hat design agency can help you create and animate your social networks. For "Sơn Trà", we designed a image pack for their Facebook page. The covers and messages are used to animate their community, and they can re-use them at any time and/or ask us for new ones each month.

Managing your social networks of your brand makes you visible on the internet, it is important to have a relevant design and content innovative. Thanks to our consulting offerwe can offer you a range of publications and/or covers periodically (weekly or monthly). This will keep your customers up to date with your new products, events, discounts and other news.