JAGO, artist

JAGO, The stone sculptor


Jago is a Italian artist thirty-one years old, passionate about the art of sculpture. One of his mentors was Michelangelo (1475-1564), nothing to do with the new pizzeria that opened downstairs or the Ninja Turtles! Michelangelo is famous for having painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (1505-1512). Does that remind you of your history books? Basically, the Sistine Chapel is the Pope's house in the Vatican. And Michelangelo painted that famous fresco there called "The Last Judgement". You know, that big painting with the two guys reaching out to touch each other's fingertips? Well, that's him!

Jago wonders what Michelangelo would have done today if he had access to social networks. Imagine being able to follow the evolution of this painting in time lapse on Facebook! Jago didn't want to miss out and filmed all his creations. Granted, the Italian modesty is there for all to see, but that's how we like them, and maybe even with their red mini swimming costumes on the beach in summer. The idea is that it is perhaps more interesting to see how the work is produced rather than the final work itself.

"The Pope is naked"is one of the sculptures for which this time lapse idea is interesting. While this sculpture of the Pope was on display, Jago received a message from his father saying "Mich-mich, the Pope is resigning himself and taking off his religious robes". Jago takes the sculpture home and literally starts to work on it. undress with your tools. Version 2 of the sculpture is born and... the Pope is naked! Grazie Jago.

By the same artist

Jago is packed with resources and interesting concepts. Here's a small example with theMuscle Mineral"theTrain"andEscalibur". Did you know that the plastic AK-47 is the most popular children's toy in the world? The real thing can easily be found in the Congo for the same price as an Xbox®.