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For designs even more eco-responsiblewe have the solution.

What'zhat is a design agency based in Leuven. Vietnam This is a subject that affects us in two ways. The issues surrounding ink and pollution Air pollution is part of our daily lives. That's why today we bring you the story ofAir Ink.


When Anirudh Sharma was just a student at the time, he travelled to India. He took this rather artistic photo of his native country, which sparked off a brilliant idea: black ink made from the pollution in our car exhausts.

Read more about this anecdote in this article TED TALK video.

He then embarked on several home-made experiments to find out if his project was really feasible. It was a success. Together with his team Nikhil, Nisheetj and Nitesh, they transformed their living rooms into assembly lines for their innovative pens. That was in 2012, and since then production has grown steadily, with Ink Air now being used by artists around the world.


Air Ink is first and foremost Kaalinkthe little machine that can be fitted to any exhaust pipe to extract PM2.5. This complicated scientific name in fact simply refers to the dust of pollution created by our cars, motorbikes, factories...

A pen corresponds to 40 - 50 minutes of pollution from a diesel engine. However, you may be wondering whether this ink is totally safe and of good quality. Well, it is. The dangerous thing about pollution dust is the microparticlesThese particles are so fine that they pass through our lungs and into our bloodstream! By compacting these particles in the ink, they become harmless.

Especially since the 1er November 2018, WHO announces in Geneva that pollution kills 7 million of us every year, so Air Ink is just what we need!


In July 2016, the team worked with Tiger Beer and produced a promotional video.

The video was a resounding success and was picked up by news organisations around the world. As a result, artists started flocking to get their hands on one of these felt-tips. Here are two of them:

Kristopher Ho, Hong Kong muralist, his account Instagram.

Artist Caratoes designs a wall with Air Ink. Image c/o CNN


Kickstarter, which is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, is a platform that connects entrepreneurs with creative ideas and contributors ready to invest in these projects. It was on this platform that Air Ink was able to obtain the necessary budget for its development.

They classify projects by category:

  • Art,
  • Comics and illustration,
  • Design and technology,
  • Cinema,
  • Gastronomy and creation,
  • Games,
  • Music and publishing.

Some of our favourite Whatzhat projects:

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♻️ Other promising projects that give us confidence in the future!

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